Upgrade from v2

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Ohanah v3 is a completely new product and upgrade is not possible. The only option is a migration of data to the new platform. 

The migrator will move your events, venues, categories and attendees information. 

Open migrator guide

At the moment, the exporter/importer for the data is not available, but we are working on it. 

We are strongly suggesting following path for migration:

  1. Make a backup of your site.
  2. Make a copy of your site. You can restore the backup on your locahost or development server. Be sure that you keep the backup.Akeeba backup can help you with this process. 
  3. Uninstall Ohanah v2, all the Ohanah 2 modules and all the Ohanah 2 plugins and remove all Ohanah's tables from the database (all tables that start with #__ohanah where #__ is your database prefix).
  4. Install Ohanah v3
  5. Re-create your events in v3
  6. Test it
  7. When you are satisfied, you can replace your live site with the copy.


The migrator will be ready soon (start of 2016). It will do a migration from v2 to v3. The procedure will be something like this:

  1. De-install Ohanah v2 (database tables will remain intact)
  2. Install v3.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

We strongly recommend that this is done on copies of sites. Detailed instructions will be provided when we release the migrator.

Will migrator move all my data?

For start, the migrator will only move events. We will add other things later. 

Images will not be moved since Ohanah v3 doesn't have gallery feature. Only the event image from v2 will be moved to logo (flyer) in v3.