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Why do I need a new subscription?

Ohanah v3 is a completely new product. It's not an upgrade for v2. It has a different set of features and a different philosophy. We invested a lot of time and effort in making it truly distinct (in a good way) than other event managers for Joomla. 

We will not stop supporting Ohanah v2, nor we will ever force you to migrate to v3. Ohanah v2 and Ohanah v3 are separate products.

What will happen to Ohanah v2?

Since the two versions are totally different, we will still support v2 in the terms of bug and compatibility fixes. We will not add any new major features in v2. We plan to support Ohanah v2 as long as people are using it. 

What about the "Developer" subscription?

With the developer subscription, we promised a lifetime of upgrade and support for Ohanah v2. We will keep that promise. Since Ohanah v3 is a different product, users having the "developer" subscription still need to purchase the new subscription for Ohanah v3. Again, we will not stop supporting v2, and we will never force you to migrate to v3. 

Do I get some discount?

The launch discount coupon is sent via email to all v2 subscribers. It's valid for October 2015. If you didn't get the email, or you missed it, please contact us. 

I couldn't use Ohanah v2 because of the technical problems, what should I do?

If you couldn't use Ohanah v2 because of the technical problems (mostly DocMan 2 incompatibility) but you didn't ask for a refund and you still have an active subscription, contact us and we will sort it out. 

What should I do with my v2 subscription?

If your v2 subscription is still active, you can either cancel it or keep it and have both subscriptions active. We recommend you to keep active v2 subscription if you plan to have sites that will continue to use v2. We don't offer refunds for active v2 subscriptions for the reason of updating to v3. If you purchase Business or Lifetime subscription for v3, you can safely cancel your v2 subscription since you will automatically have v2 included. 

I don't want v3, but I cannot login into Members Center? How do I access v2 support?

You can access v2 support as always, by logging directly at http://support.ohanah.com. Only v3 subscribers need to go through the new system. If you cannot login in there, you probably need a password reset, so just contact us at team@ohanah.com and we will arrange that.

Which v2 subscriptions are eligible for the free upgrade?

Only the new Professional and Business subscriptions, the ones that we started selling in the middle of 2014 are eligible for the free upgrade. We already sent emails to those users. If you didn't receive yours, check your inbox for a message from team@ohanah.com or contact us.

Those subscriptions had "Upcoming new version included" as a row in the pricing table (screenshot). These plans are called "Ohanah Professional Membership" and "Ohanah Business Membership" in the invoice. Any other plan, including "Ohanah app for Joomla! - Professional Plan" from 2013 is not eligible for the free upgrade.

I still have questions...

Just write to us at team@ohanah.com and we will be happy to answer all your questions.