Which Languages Does Ohanah Support?

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The base language of Ohanah is British English (en_GB). 

Ohanah supports following languages (>99% strings translated):

  • German (Germany) (de_DE)
  • French (France) (fr_FR)
  • Czech (Czech Republic) (cs_CZ)
  • Danish (Denmark) (da_DK)
  • Dutch (Netherlands) (nl_NL)
  • Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) (nb_NO)
  • American English (en_US) (very important for dates, please see here for explanation)

Following languages are supported fully in the frontend and partially in the backend:

  • Italian (Italy) (it_IT)
  • Spanish (Spain) (es_ES)
  • Croatian (Croatia) (hr_HR)
  • Japanese (Japan) (ja_JP)

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