How to get access to Members Center?

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If you are Professional or Business subscriber from plans that we introduced in late 2014 ("Ohanah Business Membership" and "Ohanah Professional Membership" on your invoice and subscription page), you are eligible for free Ohanah v3. We already sent you instructions how to access v3 in the email, but here are those instructions again in case you missed them.

If you have any other subscription, please see FAQ for V2 users.

To get Ohanah v3, you will need to finish creating an account on our new Members Center. We already created your account, you just need to pick a password. The new Members Center is a place where you will be able to download new versions of Ohanah v3, access the support, and view and manage your subscription.

Step 1.

Click here and submit the email that you used when you purchased Ohanah.

Step 2.

After submitting, the page will change and ask you for a token. The token is in your inbox.

Step 3.

Enter the token and pick a password. Now you will be able to log in to the Members Center.

Heads up!
Once you finish creating your account, the only way to access support will be through Members Center, even if you want to access v2 related things (download, docs, forums, tickets).

Important note

You will have access to both Ohanah v2 and v3 as long as your subscription is active. If your subscription expires, the only way to get the access to the both versions will be to purchase two subscriptions, one for each version.

If you have any troubles with accessing Members Center, contact us.