Differences between v2 and v3

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This guide is for those who are interested to find out what's different in Ohanah v3 compared to v2.


V2: Global settings
V3: Menu item settings

Instead of global settings affecting the whole system, Ohanah v3 has all settings in menu items. Only a few settings that should be global are available in Ohanah -> Options. 

Tickets and registration

V2: One event, one ticket
V3: One event, multiple tickets

In Ohanah v3 you can add as many tickets as you want to the event.

Registration page

V2: Separate registration page
V3: Ticket widget in single event view

No more registration page. Everything is done on event page.

Custom registration (attendees) fields

V2: Custom attendee fields during registration
V3: Custom attendee fields after the registration

In Ohanah v3, there is no more "registration". Purchase result in order which contain one or more tickets. Each ticket is tied to one attendee. Custom fields are presented in attendees.

Event map

V2: Map as a module
V3: Map is integrated into single event view

No more map module. The responsive map is automatically rendered in the single event view.


V2:Attendees module
V3:Attendee list in the single event view

As with map, attendees list is now an integral part of the Event page. The settings for it are in the menu item settings, "Single event" tab. 

Map of all the events

V2:Map of all the events module
V3: None

We are working on it, it will be available very soon. 

Look and feel

V2:Adaptive look
V3:Simple look

Instead of trying to mimic template look, Ohanah v3 utilize very simple look that is very extensible. 

Template override friendlies

V2:Hard to override
V3:Override friendly

The modular design of views allows for very easy template override.

Event gallery

V2:Event gallery module
V3:No event gallery

Instead of having its own gallery, Ohanah v3 doesn't handle event images. External gallery extension is required. We are preparing the list of suggestions for gallery extensions. 

Frontend submission

V2: Yes
V3: No

Ohanah v3 doesn't have frontend submission. We plan to add it, but not before 2017.